The idea for This is Britain was first scribbled down on the back of a receipt in an East London pub garden on a sunny Friday afternoon in late July. By the time we managed to speak to Rankin about it, it was already halfway through August. While he loved the idea, he warned us that we'd have to be mad (and various other words to that effect) if we wanted to produce the book for BBC Children in Need broadcast on 17th November. As he made clear, a book of this scale generally requires an 18-month production window – and we were trying to put it together in less than 18 days! 

Not ones to shy away from a challenge, we decided to put it to the team at BBC Children in Need. Fifty-two inspirational minutes later, and the whole project was ON. Within 10 days we had somehow pulled together a crack team of photographers, designers, editors, talent bookers and writers. Within a month we were announcing the project to the nation. Within seven weeks we had tens of thousands of brilliant photographers across the nation getting involved and taking pictures that represented a snapshot of the essence of the communities that make Britain great! 

And today, only 12 weeks later, we're proud to have published This is Britain

It's been epic. It's involved all the emotions. And it's created something beautiful and poignant for posterity... 


The Roll-Call of Thanks: 

This is Britain's ...Finest!

Whose generous financial support (and world-class printers, technical experts and production expertise) made all of this possible 

BBC Children in Need
Simon Antrobus, Sarah Bedford, Lauren Baxter, Laury Fiorio

Rankin Photography
The big man himself, Rankin
Sandra Barron, Katherine Pitman, Christine Wright, Beverley Luckings

Idea generation & project support
Rory Scott, Photobox
Hector Proud, Cult.Brand

Production Team
Dave Brolan (Picture Director)
Emma Wicks (Art Director)
Ian Whent (Picture Editor)
Lucy Willows (Picture Editor)
Martin Boon (Production Editor)

Technical Team (Photobox)
Melissa McVeigh (Web Dev)
David Jensen (Web Dev)
Chris Astall (Web Dev)
Chris Allen (Web Dev)
Austin Harris (Web Dev)
Alexandre Lugaro (Web Dev)
Elena Chiquegrana (Product Dev)
Mohamed-Amine Thamri (Product Dev)
Jacob Christiansen (Product Dev)
Claude Hanocq (Production Director)
Mustapha Zaouali (Production Director)
Clemence Boncenne (Product Dev)
John Persaud (Production Director)
Mark Grice (Production Director)
Quinten Francken-Bosman (Shipping)
Victoria Callister (Copy Editor)
Clara Toombs (CRM)
Nikki Patel (CRM)
Laurent Dimatera (Social)
Kerry Lee (Social)
Stacy Jones (Finance)
Rav Chana (Customer Service) 

You! The Great British Public
David Montgomery
Tom Sheehan
Tracey Welch
Martin Lynagh
George Jacobs

Talent Bookers
Sue Green & Sonia Beldom
(The Celebrity Execs)

Lewis Davey (Photobox)
Rebecca Hubbard (The Frame)
Kate Adam (BBC)
Isobel Diamond